Why Kindness is Contagious

How Random Acts Can Enrich the World

“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” - Mark Twain

Recent research is proving what many of us already know – that kindness is most definitely contagious.

From smiling at a stranger and leaving inspirational messages for others, to helping someone carry their shopping or picking up litter, the links between gratitude and random acts of kindness can lead to a reduction in stress and improvement in well-being.

Not only do these acts make you feel good, but they also spread the feeling of goodwill to the recipient, who is more likely to go out and pass the kindness on themselves.

Just one random act of kindness can start a whole revolution of happiness!

Why not start today?

• Pay someone a compliment

• Send postcards to sick children

• Run some errands for a new mom

• Send school supplies to underprivileged areas

• Check on senior neighbours during bad weather

• Tell people why they are awesome

• Become a blood donor

• Listen to people

• Pick up trash in your local neighbourhood

• Write a positive online review for a local business

• Don’t forget to be kind to yourself

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