Why Christians Should Keep a Spiritual Journal

The Benefits of Keeping a Spiritual Journal

In terms of your spiritual growth, journaling is one of the most nurturing things you can do. Not only does it allow you direct communication with God, but it provides a method for you to reveal yourself in ways that you might not ordinarily be able.   

Preserving your journey with Christ might seem like a scary step, but there are a multitude of benefits once you start your journal:

It records your progress – as you look back over earlier entries, you will be able to identify parts of yourself that you have since been able to align properly with your faith. This is a great way to track your journey and keep yourself on the right lines,

It inspires faith – looking back over your prayers to see how they have been answered will grow your faith and help you to develop the understanding that God hears you.

It is a therapeutic tool – writing down your stresses and strains is one of the best ways to purge yourself of them. Once they are on the page, they seem much less problematic and you will find you think about them more logically.

It gives you a place to be you – staying true to your inner self each day can be difficult, but journaling will give you a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings without judgement.  

It develops knowledge of yourself – when you are unsure of a situation, writing it down can help you to identify the real issues behind your confusion. This will give you a much deeper knowledge of yourself which in turn provides you with valuable perspective.

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