What to Do If Your Faith is Tested

Hold on to Your Faith with These Tips

It can happen to anyone, one minute everything is hunky-dory, the next, your world is falling apart around you.

During times of intense stress, trials and tribulations, it can be difficult to stay focused on your faith.

However, these are the times that bring about deliverance from our old ways and help us to become more reflective of God.

The next time you feel your faith being tested, remember that you’re not alone and try these top tips.



When our lives take over our thoughts, it means that we are not making enough time for prayer and paying attention to the word of God. Make time to converse with God each day and trust that he will provide the lessons that you need to learn.



You might not feel like it, but praising the Lord is one of the best ways to help you through this difficult time.



Meeting up with friends from church or Bible study will help you to surround yourself with people who understand the difficulties you are going through.



Giving thanks and having an open, grateful heart will help you to see that not everything is bad!


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