Top Tips for Staying Humble and Kind

Stay on The Path to Humility

One of the fastest ways to make better connections with people and to have positive outcomes in your life is to practice humility and kindness on every level. After all, although they are not the most exciting traits a person can have, they are certainly the most memorable. 

So, what are the best ways of staying humble and kind in your everyday life?


1. Be thankful

Gratitude prevents pride from taking over so get into the habit of being thankful for at least one thing every day. This can be anything from your church to the weather, whatever it is, the act of giving thanks will nurture your relationship with God.


2. Have a sense of humour

The ability to laugh at yourself is another great way to stop pride in its tracks. While there are occasions on which it’s better to be serious, being able to laugh at yourself will help you to be ready to admit when you are wrong.


3. Listen

There is nothing much kinder than showing someone the decency and respect of actually listening to what they are saying. Ask the person you are listing to questions to show that you are paying attention to their every word.


4. Put others first

When you spend your life thinking of others before yourself, regardless of your status or authority over them, you will know true humility and kindness.

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