The Best Christian Valentine’s Day Playlist

Turn up The Romance with These Top Tunes

Have you got a date lined up for this Valentine’s Day?

Or are you spending it with friends or your long-term loved one?

Whichever way you choose to celebrate this annual event, make sure you spend it in style by creating a Valentine’s Day playlist for everyone to enjoy!

Many Christian artists sing about the love God has for us but there are also plenty of great songs about the love we have for each other, whether romantic or platonic.

So, stick some of these great tunes on your Valentine’s Day playlist and watch as love fills the air!

  1. “The Gift” – John Brickman


  1. “Hide Your Love Away” – Anthem Lights


  1. “Forever Yours” – Michael W Smith


  1. “Alone” – Sanctus Real


  1. “When God Made You” – Natalie Grant and Newsong


  1. “A Page is Turned” – Bebo Norman


  1. “When I Say I Do” – Matthew West


  1. “Love Will Be Enough for Us” – Brandon Heath


  1. “God Gave Me You” – Dave Barnes


  1. “Broken Together” – Casting Crowns


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