Steps to Develop Strong Prayer Habits

Make Prayer a Habit with These Steps

We all know the importance of prayer, but even with the best intentions it can be difficult to regularly make time for it. Sometimes we forget and sometimes our lives are so super busy that finding a spare few minutes can seem like an impossibility.

But instead of making yourself feel guilty for all those lost moments of opportunity, look to the future with a renewed sense of purpose and set your intentions to develop stronger prayer habits by following these simple steps:

  1. Start with the sunrise: There is no better way to begin your day than to give thanks and remind yourself of your priorities. If the rest of the day is then filled with chores and errands, you can be comforted by the knowledge that you have already made time for your prayers. 
  2. Set targets: It can take at least ten to twenty successive attempts at something to make it into a lasting habit. Set yourself a challenge of praying every day for 5 days, then increase that to ten, then to thirty and so on. Before you know it, you will have prayed every day for 365 days!
  3. Keep a journal: If you prefer to write your prayers and thoughts down rather than speaking them out loud, keep a journal and set aside 5 minutes each day to write in it. You could do this before you eat a meal, or when you get home from work. Sticking to the same time every day will get you into a habit of using your journal.
  4. Use a reminder: Use your phone, tablet or computer to set an alarm to remind yourself to pray. You could also frame a prayer and put it on your bedside table, set your desktop display to a prayer, or wear this Livin’ on a Prayer t-shirt as a way of reinforcing your intentions. 
  5. Make it a group event: You will find it much easier to develop a daily prayer habit if other people are relying on you to be there. Set up a daily prayer session for your flatmates, friends, or family to get everyone into a good habit.

Remember, don’t be too hard on yourself if there are days where prayer doesn’t come easily. Just try and stick to as many of these steps as possible and eventually a daily habit will become second nature.

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