Shining Your Light in the Workplace

Tips to Shine Your Light at Work

Shining our lights in the darkness is one of the best things about being a Christian, so why not shine just as brightly in the workplace?

Bring a little happiness into your day job by following these tips next time you head off to work:

Show some love – not everyone is going to get along in the workplace, but you can work hard to minimise any stress by showing love to your co-workers. Offering to give someone a ride to work or sending a sincere card to a colleague who has suffered a bereavement are great ways to bring some of God’s love into their day.

Be positive – it can be super easy to let the day-to-day drudgery of work get to you. But it is important to remember that God will get you through all situations, so approach your tasks with a smile and demonstrate the value of faith.

Wear the Truth – if you find it difficult to openly speak about your faith in the workplace, wear a subtle hint, such as this Cross bracelet, as a non-confrontational way to present the Word to your co-workers. 

Who knows, you might even plant some seeds in the process!

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