How to Show Grace to Others

Great Ways to Give Grace

Grace is interpreted many different ways, but when it comes to God’s grace, it is defined as God giving us what we don’t deserve.

While we can’t offer redemption to everyone we meet, we can show kindness and graciousness even when it seems as though they are not deserving of it.

But, how can you offer grace to others?

1. Through words

Remember to use soft and gentle words when speaking with others even when correcting them or helping them to see that they have done something wrong.

Remember to say thank you regularly and learn to say, “I’m sorry” when you have made a mistake. Remove harsh, rude, or unkind words from your language.

2. Show genuine interest

There are times when we find ourselves listening to a story we might not have time to hear, but giving grace means paying attention with genuine interest and responding with questions that demonstrate that you really have listened.

3. Forgive

If someone has apologiZed to you or asked for your forgiveness, behave graciously by accepting it and moving on. Whether they are right or wrong in their timing is irrelevant, they have offered their apology and you must accept it with grace.

Similarly, you must learn to ask for forgiveness with grace when it is you that has wronged.

4. Be there

Sometimes giving grace means no more than sharing space with someone who needs it. Whether they are grieving or celebrating, your presence can be enough to demonstrate the graciousness in your relationship.

5. Simple acts of kindness

Through helping out within the community, volunteering your time, holding doors open, helping neighbors carry groceries, or simply hugging your friend you can offer grace to everyone on a daily basis.


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