Christian Date Night Ideas

Faith-Filled Date Night Suggestions

Got a date night coming up? Fancy breaking free of the same old dinner and movie routine? Luckily there are plenty of ways to get to know that special someone without having to follow the usual cliché.

Volunteer: Giving back to the community is a great way to get to know someone, you will both feel great and know that you are dating someone with a good heart! Ask your favourite charity or non-profit if there is anything you can both do to help out for the day, or find out if anyone you know is in need of some help with gardening or tasks around the home.

Sing: Singing is perfect for raising your spirits and bringing joy into your life, so if your date says they like music, why not head to a gospel show or Christian rock concert to honor God and share a praise-filled experience with them! 

Hike: There’s no better place to get to know someone than amidst the wonder of nature. Head to your nearest mountain or hiking trail to fill your lungs with clean air and soak in the glory of God’s big blue sky. Throw on a Faith Moves Mountains t-shirt to complement the date perfectly!

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