6 Top Tips for Memorizing Scripture

Fix God’s Word in Your Heart and Mind

Remember back to Sunday school when memorizing Scripture was something you did each week without even thinking about it?

It might seem like a distant memory now, but the act of memorizing words from the Bible is a great way to become at one with the word of God and keep those words with you for the rest of your life.

But with so much to learn, where do you start memorizing Scripture?


Tape it to your mirror

Writing out a verse and taping it to your mirror means that you will look at it each morning before you leave the house.


Repeat it

Repetition is the best way to get something to stick in your brain. Writing it, singing it or praying it out loud will all help the words into your mind and stay there.


Change your home screen

If you check your phone or laptop quite a lot, change your home screens to verses so that you see them as often as you look for messages.


Use music

Singing verses to the tune of your favorite song is another great way to memorize them, just try not to mix up the lyrics of the song with the words from the verse!


Start small

You might want to jump straight into a super long verse but try working up to it by starting with a small one first. Once you have that nailed, move on to something larger and keep working up from there.


Wear it

Wearing a necklace with a verse written on it, such as this Hebrews 11:1 necklace, means that you will carry your verse with you wherever you go. You will have it memorized in no time!

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