5 Reasons Why We Pray

Things You Might Not Know About the Power of Prayer

If your New Year’s resolution was to find more time for prayer, then you are not alone.

Many of us find it difficult to create a regular prayer practice, particularly when the questions that arise from our prayers cause us uncertainty.

Developing a strong prayer practice is something that all Christians strive to do, but why is it such an important daily task?

  1. It is God’s will

There are many passages in the Bible that call us to prayer. This means that the act of prayer is God’s will, He has commanded us to pray and so it is our duty to respond.


  1. Jesus prayed

By setting his shining example, Jesus showed us the importance and necessity of regular prayer. “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed” – Luke 5:16.


  1. Communication

Prayer is our privilege and provides us with a direct link to God, allowing us the opportunity to communicate with Him.


  1. Keeps us humble

Regular prayer is a great way to keep yourself reminded that ultimately, your pride is not in control, God is.


  1. Fellowship

Prayer strengthens the bonds within the community and allows us to better connect with our fellow believers.


If you are finding it difficult to set a regular prayer habit, perhaps this Lord’s Prayer Bracelet will serve as a good reminder to set some time aside each day for this essential task.

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